Initial Seminar

At the initial seminar beginners can learn in general about how to start trading on FX is not at his loss. The seminar explains the basics of trading and the principles of the foreign exchange market work. It can be said that this is a familiarization with the profession for those who have never worked on the stock exchange, but wants to start the familiarization process properly.


Basic course

Our Basic Course is designed so that each trader can get the optimal volume of knowledge to start working in the international financial market: How to make your first transaction in the MetaTrader trading terminal. How to analyze the international financial market. How to minimize risks and properly manage the capital. ... and much more!


Professional course

In today`s world when trading is becoming more and more popular, the majority compare this task with real art. That is why a professional investor should approach trading with particular attention, permanently sharpening skills and developing self-discipline. The program of the course is specifically designed for experienced traders who want to improve further by exploring new opportunities for themselves.


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